Our electronic grading and training management solution - Logitude ETR - is specifically designed to meet the requirements of Airlines and Aviation Training Organizations worldwide.

Logitude ETR enables you to collect training and assessment data - online as well as offline - store it securely and analyse the collected data to extract precise statistical evidence to adjust and fine tune your training programmes and instructor standardisation.

Logitude ETR is a Microsoft Azure Cloud SaaS solution which benefits the provider and the client alike. There is no up-front infrastructure invesments or in-house maintenance costs.

Furthermore, customer solution deployment and version updates are fast and efficient - Globally. An on-premises installation is however also available as an alternative for the Cloud solution. Logitude ETR enables you to reduce your overall training management costs with a paperless records management process.

The benefits of Logitude ETR:

A paperless data collection either with a Native iPad App - providing also offline capability - or with a web browser

ATQP/EBT management, with full autonomy over your Task Analysis, Key Performance Indicators and other parameters - all managed with a rich web browser user interface

Integrations to other IT systems, such as crew rostering and validity management to enable automatic qualification updates and reducing manual labour an associated costs. We have connectors readily available, and we can tailor new ones according to your specific needs

Automatic delivery of mandatory records to the authority, such as pilots' proficiency checks and skill tests

Real time data analysis providing statistical evidence to support flight crew training programme alterations and instructor standardisation

Full autonomy over your test/check and training form templates, managed with an internet browser and instantly published as required by your organization's training requirements

Data analysis and performance monitoring reports. Also tailored reports can be created according to your organization's needs


Logitude OPT is a mobile Flight Profile Optimizer software. It uses the actual manufacturer's performance data to determine the optimum - most economical - flight profile for given ambient and aircraft parameters. Logitude OPT is available for Apple iPad.

As a result of given parameters Logitude OPT provides the flight crew with flight management info to achieve the optimum profile: Climb IAS, Cruise IAS/Mach and Torque (for turboprops), and Descent IAS/Mach and path in degrees and the Cruise Flight Level.

Logitude OPT also compares the optimum flight profile against the standard profile and displays the cost savings achieved. The standard profile parameters are managed by the customer with a web browser on the backend server which the OPT checks for updates when it has network connectivity. Therefore Logitude OPT is easily configured to a customer organization's changing needs as required.

For ATR 72

For ATR 42

For ERJ 190

For ERJ 170