Digitalize. With full autonomy.


Our electronic grading and training management solution is specifically designed to meet the requirements of Airlines and Aviation Training Organizations worldwide.

1. Design

Design your Grading Sheets and Training Curricula with ETR's powerful web based editor tools.

2. Synchronize

Publish and distribute the training content to the instructors and examiners for web or mobile use.

3. Train

Deliver training and collect trainee performance data - anywhere, anytime, online or offline - with the electronic grading sheets and training syllabi.

4. Analyze

Use ETR's powerful yet easy-to-use data analysis reporting tools to pinpoint challenges and weak areas in trainee performance and adjust your training accordingly.


Logitude Oy has comprehensive experience in designing and developing robust and secure IT services with superior User Experience and Design.

Our main focus is on Flight and Cabin Crew training management and training records management, including conventional as well as AQP/ATQP and EBT Training Programme Management.

We serve Aviation customers and with first-hand experience of the industry's business, IT-demands and rules and regulations.

Our experts also have decades of previous experience in developing top-class software and serving critical customer needs in other industries demanding the highest level of security and reliability.

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